Practical Ways to Reduce Food Waste

We’ve all been guilty of wasting food at some point or another. We either make too much food and forget to freeze portions of it for use at a later date, or perhaps we forget all about that head of lettuce that got shoved to the back of the vegetable drawer and now have to toss it out.

Unfortunately, food waste is a huge problem. Not only are there people who don’t have enough food, both near and far, but also this disposed of food rots in landfills and creates methane, wreaking havoc on the environment.

On top of that, wasted food is wasted money we could be using for other things. If we just take a little time to be proactive, we can reduce food waste, make the planet a better place, and put our resources to better use. Download my e-book for a few ways to cut down on your own food waste.

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