Practical Ways to Kick Food Cravings

Even Health Coaches have food cravings! Food cravings are something we all have, and if you can believe it, with some slight changes in habits, you’ll be craving nourishing food instead of those heavy comfort foods that leave you feeling blah.

What do you generally crave the most? Drop it in the comments below.

Those cravings are coming no matter what, so having some tips in your back pocket will equip you in dealing with the cravings when they strike.

Here are some of my favorite ways to overcome cravings –

Keep healthy snacks around at all times
Healthy snacks should always be at the ready to stop you from turning to something junky. Choose foods that are high in protein and fiber to help you feel fuller for longer. Portion out 2 tablespoons of hummus in small sauce containers and stash them in your fridge with fresh-cut veggies. You’ll have that crunch you want, and you’ll feel satisfied after your healthy choice. Need something sweeter? They have dessert hummus now, and it’s outstanding. Pick some up next time you swing by the grocery store and scoop it on apple slices.

Distract yourself
A craving can usually be squashed with just five minutes of distraction. If you can’t stop thinking about those leftovers from your night out last night, head outside for a walk around the block and see what a difference a change of scenery makes.

Get busy
Again, this goes along with distractions, but the more active you are, the less time you’ll have to be mulling over your cravings. Plus, if you go hit the gym or get in a body-weight workout at home, you’ll set off those feel-good feelings that are the same you’d get from that sugary donut you were thinking about.

More water
If you’re not drinking enough water, you could mistake your body’s thirsty cues for being hungry. Drink up, and if you still feel hungry 20 minutes after, it’s time to reach for a healthy snack.

Have a hot beverage
Hot drinks can trick us into thinking we’re full. Try green tea for added antioxidants or have fresh-brewed coffee without any sugar or cream.

Make healthy comfort food swaps

If you can’t resist ice cream, try tricking yourself and satisfying your cool and creamy desires. Freeze banana slices and then put them in your blender. You’ll get an ice cream treat without any guilt. Add pure cacao powder for more antioxidants and a chocolaty taste. This is just one of many things you can do to give your favorite comfort foods a healthy twist.

The more you eat healthy, nourishing foods, the more you’ll crave that satisfied, light feeling you have after eating a nutritious meal. A healthy lifestyle is all about balance — be reasonable about what you’re eating most of the time, and look forward to special treats so you can truly enjoy them

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