Sneaking in More Veggies

It may be a bit expected for a Health Coach to be telling you to eat your veggies, but let’s talk about some fun ways to make getting veggies into your daily routine easier.  Let’s face it, most people struggle with getting their veggie intake.  Wouldn’t you agree?  I’m told by most of you that time is the struggle for you — no time to do grocery shopping, food prepping, planning, cooking, etc.

I hear you loud and clear, and here are some of the ways I personally skirt that time-trap issue.  First on the plate is soups and stews, which is particularly welcome this time of year.  They are very heavy on the veggies, and with so many varieties, you won’t get bored. Also, don’t forget to get some veggies in with your breakfast such as in smoothies, a quiche, or omelets.

Making it convenient is a crucial step in getting more veggies in.  Try prepping them for the week ahead of time, keeping them on the top shelf of your fridge, so they’re at eye level, or use frozen veggies when you’re in a time pinch. Keeping it simple by purposefully doubling your veggie count at dinner or having a salad with every meal will make the number of veggies you consume a daily occurrence, and over time it will be no problem getting enough of them on your plate!

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