Do You Use A Bathroom Scale?

Do you use a scale?

I’m curious, do you use a scale regularly?  I know some people who step on it every morning, some that hop on once a week, and I even see a lot of people who don’t even own a scale.

There are no right or wrong answers to this, but I’m curious what your stance is on it.

No matter what your answer is, there’s one VERY important thing to remember.  The number that stares back at you does not define you.  It is not the end all be all measure of your health. You are worth so much, you are worthy of love and respect, and you are valuable.

You don’t need a scale to measure your health journey — sometimes, ditching it entirely and letting intuition take over can take you in a direction you’ll love. I’ve even seen the stubborn weight drop off after ditching the scale because the stress levels were lowered and the body reacted well to that, releasing the weight it was holding. It’s so interesting how our bodies work, isn’t it?

What’s your relationship with the scale?

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