Declutter More Than Your Home

If your timeline looks anything like mine, it’s been flooded with people adopting the decluttering bug after binge-watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix series on her Tidying Up method.

Decluttering isn’t limited to your home, though.  Many aspects of your life can be “decluttered” throughout the year to keep you feeling light, organized, and intentional.

Here are some great areas to declutter:

– Declutter your car.  Yep, things get piled up, and before long, you’re driving around in a mess.  Declutter it every two weeks, and you’ll fall in love with driving around in a tidy car.

– Declutter your schedule.  Take a look at how you can improve your calendar, get rid of some tasks, and make your time work better for you.  Hello, more free time!

– Declutter your computer screen.  Are you one of those people with 40,000 emails in their inbox?  Get rid of them.  I promise you won’t miss any of those emails that you aren’t reading, so just trash them and feel how great it feels to be at inbox zero.  Leave those Facebook groups that aren’t serving you.  Unfollow those people who are negative or bringing you down.  We spend so much time in front of a screen, decluttering our online world is incredibly important.

Have you gotten on the Marie Kondo train yet?

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