Change your triggers

If there’s one thing I want you to embrace fully, it’s the idea of baby steps.  Small changes turn into life-altering new habits — and intentional, small changes over time feel so refreshing and doable. A great way to start with this is merely changing a negative trigger you currently have into a positive one.

For example — when you’re stressed, your current habit is to reach for junk food.  Reframe this trigger, and have a healthy snack already prepared and on hand for when the trigger strikes. Before you even have time to think about which junk food you want to reach for — go right for the healthy snack you have prepared. You can use easy to prepare items like carrots, celery, or any crunchy raw veggies you love to snack on.  Find a dip you enjoy and have it on hand.  If you enjoy your snack, you’ll be more likely to not talk yourself out of it.

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