What Time Do You Eat Breakfast?

What time do you eat breakfast in the morning?

Are you an early morning eater, hungry right when you hop out of bed?

Or do you wait for a later breakfast, adopting more of an intermittent fasting approach?

I typically eat breakfast around 6 to 7 am.

My typical go-to breakfast consists of a smoothie.

What’s typical for you?

Peppermint Tea

Did you know peppermint tea helps with your digestion? It also tastes great, and the little zing of spicy mint can wake you up in the morning.

Adding a cup of peppermint tea to your daily routine is beneficial for many reasons:

  • antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that help your immune system stay strong
  • can help combat seasonal allergy symptoms
  • naturally helps you to focus better
  • helps your digestive system run smoothly

Pick up a box of peppermint tea next time you’re at the grocery store and give it a try!


Immune Boosting Water

Are you a plain water kind of person, or do you like to spice it up with some added flavors? There’s not much I love more than a tall glass of cold water, but it is fun to spice it up from time to time. You can even add some immune-boosting properties to your water by making some infused water, keeping your immune system strong this cold and flu season.

Some excellent water immune-boosting infusion ideas include:

  • Orange & Cinnamon Stick
  • Pear & Rosemary
  • Pomegranate Seeds & Clove
  • Apple & Orange




When’s Your Best Bedtime?

Sometimes we can get into the rut of going to bed when we feel we are supposed to, or on the flip side, staying up too late in a late-bedtime-binge. I typically fall on the latter, myself.

But what if we tuned into our bodies and noticed what it’s asking for?

What time do you feel like you could cozy up in bed and drift right off to sleep? We often ignore cues and stay on our routine instead.

This week, try listening to your internal cues when it comes to bedtime and take notice of what changes you may need to make moving forward.




Staying Healthy This Season

How many times do you or your household get sick during cold and flu season?

Boosting your immune system on a daily basis will help keep you healthy during the winter months, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to keep myself as healthy as possible this season.

  • Wash your hands – often. Every time you get home, before you eat any meals, and of course, after every bathroom visit!
  • Don’t skip your sleep. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a night to keep your defenses up.
  • Try a sinus saline rinse daily to keep your sinuses clear.
  • Make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin C, Vitamin D & Zinc.
  • Find some local Elderberry Syrup (or make your own) and take it daily.

Do you have any tried-and-true immune boosting methods not listed here? Let me know below.

Clear Your Mind

As good as it feels to clear the clutter in your home, we need to do the same with our minds regularly. Sometimes we have countless to-do lists floating around in our heads on a constant wheel 24/7, leaving us feeling a bit out of control.  Today, give yourself permission to take some time to sit down and do a massive brain dump. Get everything out of your mind that’s causing you anxiety and making you feel behind.

Seeing all of your thoughts, to-do lists, and ideas on paper will help you make a plan of action on your calendar and help you to feel massively better.  Enjoy!

Winter Blues

Do you deal with the winter blues? There are two sides of the fence: those who crave sunshine and thrive best in warmer temperatures, and those who love the cold weather and spending time indoors cozying up by the fire.

Which side of the fence do you fall on?

What do you do to fight the winter blues?