Natural Antibiotics to Give Your Immunity an Added Boost

While they’re still looking into things, it can’t hurt to add these natural antibiotics to your daily diet to help boost your immunity, especially during these cold and winter months.

It seems bacteria is only getting more and more resistant. With new, more robust strains, scientists are on the hunt to find better ways of battling them for our better health. In doing so, they’re taking a closer look at what’s out there in nature, the very things that the ancient civilizations used to promote their health and wellness.

Pungent and full of flavor, garlic adds a boost to the taste of your foods. It’s also been revered in cultures all around the world for having healing benefits. Preliminary research has shown that garlic is effective from handling certain strains of bacteria. It’s also highly nutritious, good for lowering blood pressure and has dozens of other benefits for your health.

Ginger is another natural way to battle bacteria. Its antibiotic powers have been recognized in many studies, plus it reduces inflammation and is terrific for tummy troubles, particularly those involving nausea, and can lower blood sugar. Making a tea of it or adding it to your cooking is great for your health, not to mention it adds a lovely flavor.

Honey’s incredible antibiotic properties have been known for ages. It’s important though that you choose only raw organic honey for the best effects. Store-bought honey tends to be processed which strips it of its beneficial nutrients. You can use honey on burns and wounds, too. Additionally, it’s a better way to add sweetness to the foods you eat or even to your coffee.

Cloves are very nutritious and rich in antioxidants, plus they’ve been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Studies have found that clove water was particularly helpful for stopping bacteria that causes gum disease, making it an ideal herbal mouthwash.

Now you can enjoy more Italian food with purpose! Oregano is full of antioxidants, reduces inflammation, and can chase away bacteria. The research found it to be very effective with certain antibiotic-resistant bacteria when fashioned into an oil, which shows great promise for future
developments. Still, eating it tastes good and is a healthy way to add more flavor to your food.

In traditional healing applications, echinacea has been used for hundreds of years, primarily for treating wounds and infections. When scientists took a look at it, they found that the extract from echinacea can kill off different strains of bacteria, including the one that causes strep throat. More reason to grab a bit of that the next time you head to your local health store or pharmacy.

By incorporating more natural antibiotics into your daily diet, you don’t run the risk of making them less effective. With their other health benefits, using these natural antibiotics in your daily life will help bring about better overall health for you and your family.

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