10% off Young Living Premium Starter Kits


Young Living is having a one day sale on Premium Starter Kits.  They are 10% off today June 10th!

premium starter kit sale

This a a great time to try essential oils and become a member – the discount is amazing!

You might want to check out Ningxia Red or Thieves.  I use Thieves AromaBright toothpaste and love it.  There are also lots of different diffusers available in the Premium Starter Kits.  I have the Dew Drop design now and am picking up a few more kits and the Home diffuser during the sale 🙂

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The Lack of Margin in Our Lives: Learning to Expect The Unexpected by Paul White, Ph.D.

This is a great article about margin and taking time to relax.  I copied the below from an email I received with the article.

One of the most common maladies in the 21st century is living lives that feel stressed and chronically overwhelmed.   We are busy, tired, and we feel stretched – there always seems to be more to do than we have time or energy.

When demands appear to be greater than our resources, the result in our lives is stress. We feel stressed in different areas of life: time, physical and emotional energy, relational demands and finances.   Stress then displays itself in our lives in a variety of ways: irritability, anxiety, not eating well, poor sleep habits, not exercising regularly, making hasty (and usually, poor) decisions.

A number of years ago, Dr. Richard Swenson wrote a wonderful book entitled, “Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives” where he convincingly demonstrates how not leaving extra space in our lives (with our time, energy and finances) creates significant, but predictable stress for us.

The concept of “margin” is that it is wise to leave space in our lives to deal with the unexpected or unplanned events in our lives. This is in contrast with our tendency to pack our schedule full, or (as some people frame it) to “make the most of the time”.  Read more