How to be Disciplined with Health

while incorporating balance

The very word ‘discipline’ evokes images of rigid strictness — but the fact remains that we all must be disciplined when it comes to caring for our health. Discipline can still exist with balance, and finding that sweet spot is a unique journey for each of us. So, how does one manage to learn to be disciplined with their health while bringing in that fun to balance it out throughout all areas of life?

These simple tricks can be all it takes to add that discipline and balance harmoniously in your life.

Set goals for both short- and long-term
Whether your goal is to eat healthier, exercise more, or sleep better — you should focus on both the short- and long-term aspects of your goals. Set minigoals for each that can be completed quickly, which will lead you to those long-term goals faster. Each one you accomplish will motivate you to keep going toward your end goal, creating momentum and excitement along the way.

Balance out negativity in foods
Instead of making yourself crazy about counting every single calorie you eat, be mindful about the not-so-good things you eat. Set a limit on how much alcohol, sugar, and caffeine to consume each week. By being less rigid yet still disciplined, it will be much easier to stay on target for a healthier lifestyle than always telling yourself ‘no.’ Feeling restricted can lead to rebellion, so having boundaries is a great way to enjoy the benefits of discipline while still having balance.

Optimize your space
Clutter can increase our anxiety and make us feel all-around unwell. Take the time to clean things up and organize them. You’ll feel more productive and discover a sense of calmness.

Spend more time outdoors
How’s the weather today? If it’s beautiful, take a moment to go appreciate the fresh air. Being surrounded by nature is good for the mind, body, and soul. Don’t let a good day go to waste. Even if you’re stuck at your desk, take 5 and walk around the building outside. It will do wonders for your spirit.

Set limits on technology
We all love our smartphones, movies, shows, and video games. But being too drawn to them forces us to miss connections in reality. Instead, limit your time to these things so you can incorporate a healthier balance.

Laugh together
Ever notice how genuinely fulfilling it is when you spend time with people you adore face-to-face? Those real laughs are the stuff life is made of. Get together with people that make you feel whole, and you’ll find your overall quality of life improves.

Try something new
We all get stuck in that rut from time to time, which is why it can be scary to try something new. Find something that’s good for you to jump into, like a painting class, a new sport, or even a new healthy food. Just go for it!

It’s a fine line we walk on the road of discipline for our health. Remember, good health combines nutrition, physical exercise, and mental wellness. Treat yourself to a balance of these good things to discover how much better you’ll feel.

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