How to be a healthy chocoholic

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Most of us have one food addiction or another.  Chocolate happens to be one of the most loved, adored and craved food item.  But as much as we love it we are usually worried about the weight that we keep putting on due our chocolate addiction.  Since this is a difficulty faced by most of us, I am here to help you satisfy your love for chocolate in a healthy way.

You might hear bad things from the people around you for being addicted to chocolate.  They may tell you to drop this “bad habit” if you want to get healthy and do not want to get “chocolate-wasted”  – Yes, it has apparently become a term.

I will tell you how beneficial chocolate can be if you learn to manage your intake.  I will discuss in depth the benefits chocolate offers and provide you with five healthy chocolate recipes to help you satisfy your chocolate craving so you can remain happy and healthy.

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