Do you plan your grocery lists?

Do you plan your meals ahead of time?

Do you typically plan your meals for the week ahead of time?

Or do you shop throughout the week for a few days at a time?

I know people on both sides of the fence:

Those who rotate the same recipes week after week, and those who like to try new recipes and mix it up each week.

Which one are you?

Fight the daily autopilot

If you think about it, much of the things we do every day as a part of our routine, we do it in autopilot. It’s easy to get “in the zone” when doing repetitive tasks, but this also allows us to walk through a big portion of our life mindlessly.  One way I fight autopilot is by listening to podcasts or books while doing everyday tasks. This way, I feel like I’m using my time wisely and enjoying doing these tasks more.

What’s one way you can fight autopilot in your everyday life?

To be more present, to use your time wisely, and to enjoy your day more?

Let me know what ideas you have!

Spring Clean Your Life in a Weekend

Daylight Savings Time has come around again, and spring is finally here. Are you feeling the spring cleaning itch yet?

Cleaning out the closets is an excellent place to start, though spring cleaning really should extend to more corners of our lives than the corners of our homes.

Do you ever notice how fresh and light you feel when you clean your house for spring? Try it on your life in just one weekend, and you’ll feel more refreshed than you can imagine.

I’ve got some great suggestions on how to clear that clutter out of your life to welcome positivity along with the warmer weather.

– Adjust your finances

Do you have auto-renew memberships you’re not utilizing? Paying too much for your insurance? Spending too much on coffee? Take a look at your finances and find ways to trim out unnecessary expenses. Bonus: you’ll have more money for what matters!

– Get spring cleaning on wheels

Messy cars can make you feel cluttered and uneasy on the road. Give it a good cleaning inside and out, and you’ll feel like a new person.

– Free your mind

Our minds suffer the most when we have too much going on. This spring, start meditating to clear out the things that are holding you back. You’ll free your mind and relieve that mental fatigue for better clarity. Try downloading an app like Headspace or Calm, and work on meditating for 10 minutes a day.

– Tidy up your schedule

Are you so busy running here and there with the kids, trying to make it to soccer games and parties and everything in between? Tighten up your schedule and stop trying to please everyone. Focus on what really needs to be done, and leave wiggle room for adding in last minute things that come up. With a less cluttered schedule, you’ll feel less compressed all around.

 – Clean up your routine

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, you probably are. Try shaking up your routine any way you can. It could be as simple as jogging the opposite direction around your favorite lake, trying a new class at the gym, or doing something you’ve always wanted to do for yourself each week.

– Delete unproductive apps

Are you spending too much time scrolling through social media? Perhaps you’ve got a time-wasting game on there you’re ready to ditch, also. Toss those out if you’re wasting time on them, and you’ll find you have more time to do things you love.

– Make a spring resolution

Who says the New Year is the only time you can set goals and charge ahead for them? I say spring forward toward them with a proper resolution — what’s your spring resolution? Hit reply and let me know.


What time do you eat breakfast in the morning?

Are you an early morning eater, hungry right when you hop out of bed?

Or do you wait for a later breakfast, adopting more of an intermittent fasting approach?

I typically eat breakfast around 6 to 7 am.

My typical go-to breakfast consists of a smoothie.

What’s typical for you?

If you feel like you slack off on your exercise during the holidays months with the hope of picking back up in the new year — try something different this year.  Instead of thinking with an “all or nothing” mentality — make it your priority to get at least 10 minutes of exercise per day. You can do more, but make sure you get at LEAST ten minutes.

That’s it! Sounds doable, right?  That’s because it is — we let logistics get in the way too often.  Maintain your regimen throughout these months, and it’ll be much easier to ramp up your efforts in the new year — if those are your resolutions.

Do you prefer working out at home or in the gym?


I want to invite you to do something that may feel a little radical tomorrow morning.  When you go to sleep tonight, switch your phone to airplane mode.  Eek – did your heart just pitter-patter a bit at the thought?

That’s precisely why you should try it.

It’s no secret we’ve allowed our phones to become an extension of us in quite a harmful way.  Step by step, we can begin to break the habit that we’ve created.  The first step is switching your phone to airplane mode at night, and not turning it back “on” until two hours after you’ve risen in the morning.

It’s going to feel awkward at first, and maybe even quite difficult.

But I invite you to give it a shot and see what it feels like to be “disconnected” for a spell.

Are you a fast or slow eater?

It may not be something you’ve considered, but the speed at which you chew your food has a lot to do with your digestion.

Fast eaters may have more digestive discomfort than those who chew their food well.  When you chew your food thoroughly, breaking it down before you swallow, it leaves less for your digestive system to break down, thus making it easier and quicker to digest.

It can be awkward to get in the routine of it, but chew your food 20-30x per bite and see what a week of this practice does for your digestion.


What’s been great so far this year?

If you can believe it, we are more than halfway through the year already.  With all the focus typically being on resolutions for the new year, I love the practice of taking a pause in the middle of the year and focusing on what is going well and what you’ve accomplished thus far.

It’s also a fabulous time to get the fire lit within you again if you’ve fallen off track with your hopes for the year.  With all that said, its time to reflect.

What’s gone well for you so far this year?


It’s officially summer — what do you have planned?

Have you been waiting all year eagerly for your annual summer beach trip? Family reunion? Vacation? Hiking or camping?

Summer is the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors, visit friends and family, and try something new.

I personally love beginning a new routine each season, and summer is no exception. For example: meal prepping on Sundays, jogging every Saturday morning before the sun warms up, or learning to make my own household products with healthier ingredients than the chemical-laden ones in store bought brands. I encourage you to start a new habit this summer that’ll improve your life.

What do you have in mind for your plans this summer?