Don’t forget about this mineral

I’m sure you’ve heard Vitamin C is excellent for boosting immunity — but did you know that zinc is another incredibly essential nutrient for building your immune system?

Zinc isn’t naturally produced in the body, so it’s imperative we supplement with high-quality supplements and eat foods rich in zinc regularly.

Some of my favorite Zinc-rich foods include:

  • legumes
  • nuts
  • oysters
  • seeds
  • whole grains
  • dark chocolate

The Best Tips for Sneaking More Veggies into Your Meals

Whether you struggle to eat enough veggies yourself or the obstacle involves the rest of your household, it never hurts to find sneaky ways to get them into your meals. Eating an array of whole foods regularly is the perfect equation to a healthier you, but I fully realize living with a picky eater can make it challenging to make this a part of your every day. On the other hand, even if you regularly put a salad bowl on the table at dinner time, it can get tiresome eating the same things.

That’s when I utilize my tricks for sneaking veggies into meals, or simply switching up how you cook them to trick your taste buds. Here’s how to make sure you take in more vegetables every day.

– Try roasting them

Root vegetables take on a whole new texture and flavor when you oven-roast them. All it takes is just a little brush with olive oil, and you’ll be snarfing down more carrots and beets!  A good rule of thumb is cooking them at 400F for about 30 minutes. If you like them more tender, continue cooking until desired tenderness. Topping with fresh herbs and garlic makes them irresistible!

– Go for a super-stealth move

Kids and picky adults alike won’t know when you blend carrots, spinach, or even lentils into pasta sauce. This also works while making soups and stews. Next time you have pasta night, try this trick by blending up some spinach and another veggie or two into your pasta sauce.

– Serve it with a healthy dip

Salsa and hummus are two all-star dips that even the pickiest people tend to adore. Vegetables are more fun to dip and dunk anyway, whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart.

– Blend away your apprehension

Sometimes the chunky vegetables in soups can be off-putting to little ones or picky eaters. Lucky for you, if you puree them into a smooth consistency, nobody will notice. It’s great for white beans and cauliflower, for example, both of which can mimic a rich and creamy soup base.

– Slurp it in smoothies

When you put green veggies in smoothies with sweet fruit, you won’t even know they’re there. If you or your kids can’t stand the thought of trying to eat vegetables, blending them up in your blender will be the game-changer you need to get your essential vitamins and minerals.

– Try quinoa

Quinoa is a sneaky plant all on its own. It eats like rice, but it has tons of nutrition like more obvious vegetables. This can be mixed in with most recipes, too, without changing the flavor. You can also try getting pasta made from quinoa, paired with your hidden veggie pasta sauce trick — you’ve got a slam duck on your plate.

Now’s the time to start sneaking in more nutrition in the way of veggies for you and your family. Try working with these tips to have a more well-rounded plate to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Are there picky eaters in your house, or do you eat mostly anything?

Let me know in the comments below what it’s like in your home.

When you hear the term superfood, you can mostly imagine a food that’s packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, and all the essential goodies you want in your foods. Therefore, eating as many superfoods as possible will leave you feeling healthy and vibrant, building a robust immune system.

Here are a few popular superfoods to add to your plate:

  • leafy greens
  • berries
  • legumes
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • avocado
  • seaweeds
  • mushrooms

Of the list, what’s your favorite superfood?

What’s been your saving grace during this stay-at-home order?

I understand as time continues to pass, and the uncertainty is prevalent, there are a lot of emotions running through us.  I’ve heard so many unique strategies to keep yourself sane and happy, so I’d love to hear what you’ve adopted as your saving grace.

Have you ever tried dry brushing?

This is a fantastic way to detoxify the skin and get rid of dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling great. The dry brush helps to improve the flow of blood under the skin, as well as to assist your lymphatic system in clearing out waste. If you don’t have a dry brush, you can pick one up at any health food store or even on the bath aisle at Target. Use it to brush your skin gently, starting with your feet and moving up toward your heart.

The process goes:

  • feet
  • legs
  • abdomen
  • arms
  • chest

This feels especially good to do right before your bath, so you can wash your skin and get all the dead skin cells off afterward. You can do this daily or a few times a week.

Have you ever tried it??

7 Easy Swaps You Can Make Cauliflower Do in Your Kitchen

Do I have any fellow carb lovers here?  Just about every comfort food you can think of involves carbs — there’s just something about carbs that we tend to love.  With the rise of the low-carb trend, people have gotten very creative with recreating their favorite carb dishes in a “healthier” way.

One magical ingredient is usually at the root of these recreations — cauliflower. It’s so versatile and can be used in so many ways.

You likely know it can replace white rice, but what else can cauliflower do in your kitchen to beat your carb cravings? As it turns out, a lot. Here’s where you can swap this cruciferous veggie in place of carb-filled options.

  1. Mashed potatoes

Some people go full cauliflower while others go half-and-half with potatoes. Either way, you’ll turn out that favorite comfort food through cauliflower and won’t feel as bloated afterward. I love adding loads of fresh garlic and herbs to it to fill it full of flavor.

  1. Alfredo sauce

Dreaming of a plate of fettuccine alfredo? There’s a way to liven up a regular alfredo sauce with cauliflower to lighten the load of the heavy dish. Use cauliflower to lighten it up without sacrificing any flavor, with only a few ingredients. Cauliflower alfredo sauce consists of cauliflower, garlic, your favorite non-dairy milk, and that’s about it! Look up some recipes on Pinterest and give it a try.

  1. Pizza

Look on YouTube, and you’ll find a ton of cauliflower crust recipes just waiting to be tried. All you need is a whole head of cauliflower, cheese, and egg whites. Don’t want to make it yourself? They sell cauliflower pizza crusts ready to go in the frozen section of the supermarket, and you can even substitute cauliflower crust in many pizza parlors.

  1. Tater tots

If you’re struggling to get the kids to eat veggies, try replacing the tater tots with cauliflower tots. You can make these yourself with minimal ingredients or buy them in the frozen section of your local grocery store.

  1. Fried rice

Sure, you can make fried rice healthier with brown rice. But if you really want to maximize your veggie intake and cut carbs further, try making it with cauliflower rice. Add shrimp and egg for a satisfying switch-up on this Chinese takeout classic. Drizzling toasted sesame oil while cooking will add a pop of flavor you’ll love.

  1. Sushi

Yes, you read that right! You can substitute cauliflower rice for sushi rice. It only takes just a touch of coconut milk to render it to the same texture that sushi rice has. What a game-changer. Fill it with your favorite raw or cooked fish, or keep it strictly vegetarian.

  1. Cheese sauce

You can make cheese sauce that’s lighter and still cheesy, all with the help of cauliflower. Steam cauliflower in chicken stock, then puree it with a little cheese. Use vegan cheese if you’re dairy-free. You’ll find plenty of uses for this one like topped on veggies or even with elbow macaroni for a healthier version of everyone’s favorite, mac n’ cheese.

See? Eating healthy doesn’t have to be all about salads. Let cauliflower help you fix your cravings for tonight’s dinner!