You can do this with a banana peel

Did you know you can freshen up your plants with your banana peel before you toss it?  Simply rub the inside of your banana peel on the plant leaves to clear any dust away, leaving it shiny and vibrant.

There are actually several helpful things you can do with a banana peel — such as using it on your skin for skincare, polishing silver, whiten your teeth, etc.

Who knew you could do so much with a banana peel!?

What is Your Cleaning Schedule

Do you keep a cleaning schedule or have some routine, or do you clean whenever you notice things have gotten a little too messy?

A good rule of thumb is to focus on one area per day and deep cleaning tasks per month or per quarter.

For example, tidy up bathrooms on Mondays, the kitchen on Tuesdays, etc.

Every month,  deep clean by wiping down baseboards, etc.

When I’m cleaning, it’s important to me to use products that are as natural as possible while still being effective. You can even make cleaning supplies, and I’ll leave a recipe for a cleaning spray below for you!

Awesome e all-purpose cleaner:

  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 14 oz water
  • 30 drops of essential oil

Mix in a glass bottle. My favorite essential oils to add are typically 15 drops of lemon and 15 drops of Thieves.

Do You make any of your cleaning supplies?


A refrigerator refresh

Have you started any spring cleaning yet?

Starting in the kitchen is probably more helpful than cleaning out that closet.  With how often you use your kitchen, I’m sure a good tidying up will take a load off of your shoulders.  When I spring clean my kitchen, I start with my refrigerator first.

Take everything out and wipe down the inside of your refrigerator.  Go through your inventory and toss anything expired.  Organize your fridge and make a list of things you need to replenish.

Spring Clean Your Life in a Weekend

Daylight Savings Time has come around again, and spring is finally here. Are you feeling the spring cleaning itch yet?

Cleaning out the closets is an excellent place to start, though spring cleaning really should extend to more corners of our lives than the corners of our homes.

Do you ever notice how fresh and light you feel when you clean your house for spring? Try it on your life in just one weekend, and you’ll feel more refreshed than you can imagine.

I’ve got some great suggestions on how to clear that clutter out of your life to welcome positivity along with the warmer weather.

– Adjust your finances

Do you have auto-renew memberships you’re not utilizing? Paying too much for your insurance? Spending too much on coffee? Take a look at your finances and find ways to trim out unnecessary expenses. Bonus: you’ll have more money for what matters!

– Get spring cleaning on wheels

Messy cars can make you feel cluttered and uneasy on the road. Give it a good cleaning inside and out, and you’ll feel like a new person.

– Free your mind

Our minds suffer the most when we have too much going on. This spring, start meditating to clear out the things that are holding you back. You’ll free your mind and relieve that mental fatigue for better clarity. Try downloading an app like Headspace or Calm, and work on meditating for 10 minutes a day.

– Tidy up your schedule

Are you so busy running here and there with the kids, trying to make it to soccer games and parties and everything in between? Tighten up your schedule and stop trying to please everyone. Focus on what really needs to be done, and leave wiggle room for adding in last minute things that come up. With a less cluttered schedule, you’ll feel less compressed all around.

 – Clean up your routine

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, you probably are. Try shaking up your routine any way you can. It could be as simple as jogging the opposite direction around your favorite lake, trying a new class at the gym, or doing something you’ve always wanted to do for yourself each week.

– Delete unproductive apps

Are you spending too much time scrolling through social media? Perhaps you’ve got a time-wasting game on there you’re ready to ditch, also. Toss those out if you’re wasting time on them, and you’ll find you have more time to do things you love.

– Make a spring resolution

Who says the New Year is the only time you can set goals and charge ahead for them? I say spring forward toward them with a proper resolution — what’s your spring resolution? Hit reply and let me know.


As good as it feels to clear the clutter in your home, we need to do the same with our minds regularly. Sometimes we have countless to-do lists floating around in our heads on a constant wheel 24/7, leaving us feeling a bit out of control.  Today, give yourself permission to take some time to sit down and do a massive brain dump. Get everything out of your mind that’s causing you anxiety and making you feel behind.

Seeing all of your thoughts, to-do lists, and ideas on paper will help you make a plan of action on your calendar and help you to feel massively better.  Enjoy!

How often do you “clear clutter” on your phone?

There’s something so refreshing about a decluttered inbox, a tidied up desktop and even a freshly organized phone.  You can organize your apps into folders, put the most commonly used ones on the front page, and delete apps you aren’t using regularly.  If you’re feeling on a roll, head over into your messages, emails and photos and clean those up, too.

You’d be amazed at how much lighter you’ll feel once it’s done.  Whether we like it or not, our phones are a part of our every hour-every day lives and having a less chaotic phone will allow ease into our lives.

A less chaotic mind lowers stress, decreases anxiety, and makes us feel more calm and collected.

Let’s see a screenshot of your tidy home screen!

How to Prioritize What’s Really Important in Your Busy Life

How often do you feel like you could use 10 more hours in a day just to get through your to-do list? I know that feeling of spinning your wheels, not knowing how you’ll get it all done, and ultimately riding this stress-induced rush to the finish line each day. It’s exhausting, and it’s not good for us in any way — mentally, physically, or emotionally.

Learning some actionable tips for productivity and prioritizing has helped tremendously, and I want to share some of those tips with you today in hopes it’ll help you, also.

Here is how you can take power back out of the chaos of your day-to-day with prioritization.

1. Start by organizing
Clearing away the clutter from your personal spaces in life is the first thing to do. Clean up your desk at work, your home, your car, and wherever you see physical chaos. You’ll feel immediately calmed when your surroundings aren’t out of control.

2. Make a list that works for you
We all have different ways of making lists that speak to us. Some people love writing them out on paper while others love making digital lists on their phone or computer. Choose your favorite style and list everything that comes to your mind that you need to do. Then, organize that list by short-term items and then long-term items.

3. Set urgency and time limits for your listed items
Next, you’ll have to determine what MUST be done urgently. This is the hard one, for all of it seems essential. Rank them in terms of what absolutely can’t wait, like that report for your boss that needs to be ready for the morning meeting or calling your best friend back to catch up. Adding urgency and timelines makes it easier to get to everything you need to do.

4. Free your brain
Part of what’s stressing you out with trying to complete everything is that you’re leaving it to your brain to do all the remembering about every last detail. Give yourself a break and schedule it into your planner. For example, instead of making yourself try to remember to order the cake for your daughter’s birthday and send the invites, set those things on your schedule so you can free your mind to work on challenges that require problem-solving, not reminding.

5. Push out 5-minute items first
Sometimes, there are things on our schedules that literally take 5 minutes of our time. Just crush it out first, and then you won’t have it on your schedule anymore. The relief it brings is worth it too, plus when you take those 5 minutes and get it done, it feels like you have more time on your hands for those more significant things. Crossing things off of your list psychologically motivates you to keep going, so start with those small tasks and start the snowball effect.

6. Make it a routine
The hardest part is really getting started. Make prioritizing your schedule a habit. There are certain things you must do every day and week, so get them on the schedule at a particular time. For example, responding to messages from clients. Pick a time to do it in the morning, crank out your responses and then set one more time to handle later inquiries. This way, you’ll be getting your projects done without continually being interrupted.

By adding prioritization into your life, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. What needs to be prioritized the most in your life right now? Drop a comment below and tell me what’s weighing you down.

Are you a Spring Cleaning type of person?

With Spring knocking at our door, it’s almost that time.

And I must say – I am READY.

Cleaning and decluttering helps create a sense of confidence as it exercises your decision-making skills. When things are in place and organized, it can help with reducing anxiety and stress.

What needs purging and cleaning most in your house?