How Blue Light from Your Devices is Hurting You

and What to Do About It

With all the time you spend in front of your devices such as your smartphone, tablet, and laptop, you’re likely getting more than your fair share of blue light exposure. Blue light is even found in sunlight, probably our most significant source of it, but because we’re so up close and personal with our screens — it can pose a problem.

There are benefits to blue light though, in the right amounts. Blue light can boost your alertness and cognitive function. It also regulates your circadian rhythm, which is good during daytime hours for a healthy sleep and wake schedule.

But the way we’re exposing ourselves to constant blue light is not doing us any favors. Blue light passes through your eyes into the cornea, lens and to the retina. Too much exposure to it could affect your vision and prematurely age your eyes. With blue light from your devices, you may not realize it, but you’re constantly straining your eyes. This sets in with dry eyes and fatigue. How you sit in front of your screen has a lot to do with it. If your eyes feel sore, irritated, or have trouble focusing after hours on the computer, you may be experiencing blue light-related eyestrain. It can also damage your retina, leading to age-related macular degeneration.

You likely need your computer to work, and your smartphones aren’t going anywhere. So how can you help protect yourself from the harmful effects of blue light? Several things can make all the difference and allow you to coexist with the blue light you know and love.

– Reduce screen time
Most of us depend on our computers to complete our jobs. Without them, doing our jobs might just be impossible. Still, you can cut down your time in front of them when not necessary. Get up and take breaks often to let your eyes have a rest.

– Get a screen filter
The beautiful thing about technology is that there are products available to protect us. Case in point: screen filters. You can find them for every device from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop computer screens. These help decrease the amount of blue light from your devices.

– Try on computer glasses for size
Another way to combat the damages of blue light from your computer screen is to invest in a pair of computer glasses. They feature yellow-tinted lenses to block the blue light out and relieve your eyestrain by providing more contrast. These are AMAZING, and you’ll feel your eyes instantly relax when you slip them on.

– Block it all out
Anti-reflective lenses help reduce the glare and provide more contrast too. But they also do so from the sun, not just digital devices so you can use these anywhere!

Ultimately, our blue light devices aren’t going anywhere, but how we interact with them can help us avoid overexposure to blue light and keep in good health.

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