Becoming Healthy

A Lifelong Journey

beforeWhen I think about what it means to be healthy I think of so many different things, mental health, emotional health, physical health, spiritual health.  All of these areas are important but I have found when working on one area others seem to improve.  An example that comes to mind is when I started following the Daniel Plan in January of 2014.  When I started the study I wanted to improve my spiritual health and faith.  In doing so my physical, mental, and emotional health also improved.  Over the past few years I have made a lot of improvements to my habits that have helped me get healthier but the journey is not over.  I will also strive to be healthier in one area or another.  I want to keep growing.

How do you want to improve-We all start in a different place.  Some may do well with exercising but need help improving their food choices.  Others are emotionally strong and lacking physical health.  We need to think about where we are now and where we would like to be in the future.  How do you want to improve?  What steps can you take to start working towards your goals?

I also want you to think about the areas that you are strong in.  I am very runconsistent when exercise and being active but that wasn’t always the case.  Just a few years ago I could barely run at all and I actually stopped training for a 5k after the first workout due to having an asthma attack.  Now I normally run 3 days a week and have completed a half marathon.  I have not had to use my asthma inhaler before,  during, or after running.  It is truly amazing what can be accomplished when you are determined and ask for God’s help.  What areas are you seeing improvement in?  How did the change start and what kept you moving in the right direction?

10 steps infographicTo help people on their journey to better health I created a FREE guide:  10 Steps to a Leaner, Healthier You.  There may be items that you are already doing pretty regularly and some you should add to your routine.  The guide gives you small action steps.  Make a change or two and then when you are ready add more changes.  Slow steady progress leads to lasting change.

6 Weeks to a More Amazing youI also created a FREE 6 week email program:  6 Weeks to a More Amazing You.  You will receive 1 email each week with 1 simple but very effective way to feel better, look better, and have more energy.  Sign up Today!

My hope is that these free tools can help you on your journey to better health.  Some of the steps might be easy for you to implement and some may take more time and be more challenging.  I would love to hear from you so you can let me know what changes you made and how they impacted your life.

Reading books with a spiritual focus has helped me grow and consider ideas and concepts I hadn’t thought of.  I am also listening to podcasts again and love Matt Ham’s podcast Whole Life Matters.  It is short, only about 15 minutes per episode, and is great when I am taking a quick walk in the afternoon.  I also listen to Daily Hope with Rick Warren, Saddleback Church:  Drivetime Devotions, and Small Biz Life.  What are some of your favorite podcasts?  I would love to check them out!

As some of you know, I lead many online Bible studies.  The largest study I currently lead is The Daniel Plan  which is a 6 week study that discusses the 5 essentials of faith, food, fitness, focus, and friends.  I also lead the follow up study called The Daniel Plan 5 Essentials Series.  It is a 20 week study that goes into more detail for each of the essentials of the Daniel Plan.  In the past I have help studies on Breathe by Priscilla Shirer &  Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst.  I have plans to lead a few more later this year.  Spiritual health is so important.  I love being able to lead and participate in studies and help people grow spiritually.  Sign up for my monthly newsletter and I’ll keep you updated about studies that I will be leading in the future.

Healthy Habits Challenge 1On August 1st I’ll be holding a FREE 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge. It will help you kick-start your weight loss goals and feel your best.  There’s no time-consuming research, complex workouts and recipes, or overly restrictive dieting. During these 7 days, you get the chance to take a breath and simply focus on YOU as I show you real-life, practical habits you can incorporate into your day quickly and easily to start making progress towards your goals.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll get access to our private Facebook group. Once the challenge starts on August 1st, I’ll be sending you 1 email per day that details the each of the 7 healthy habits that are going to transform your life for good.

You’ll have my support and guidance every step of the way… PLUS you can even invite your friends and co-workers to join us for even more fun and support!

I want to help you on your journey towards better health.  How can I help you?

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