7 Healthy Herbs

Your should always have ready in your kitchen

Want to add more flavor to your food and infuse some added nutrients in, too? Keeping some essential herbs and spices in your kitchen will help you do this very quickly. Not only will you cut down on the salt you use by adding other flavors to your dishes, but you’ll also be getting more health benefits from them too.

I’ve put together a list of 7 medicinal herbs that no kitchen should be without! What’s your favorite herb to cook with? Comment below and let me know.

1. Basil
While it’s best fresh, you can use dried basil leaves to make delicious Italian dishes. Plus, it helps your digestive system and keeps things moving. You’ll also have less frequent headaches and find yourself in a better mood.

2. Black Pepper
It adds just enough zing to bring out the natural flavors of your food. Black pepper also helps to stimulate your digestive system and brings relief from gas.

3. Cayenne
Cayenne pepper adds a pretty red hue to foods like potatoes and fish. It’s also good for clearing out phlegm when you have a cold. And if you feel like you might be coming down with something, add more of it to your dishes for preventative maintenance on your immune system.

4. Cinnamon
Grate fresh cinnamon (or use the powdered stuff) atop homemade applesauce, oatmeal, tea, or coffee. It can help kick a cold to the curb and break fevers. Got achy joints? It can help relieve them with its natural anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Garlic
Garlic is probably the most wondrous of all the spices out there. It can help your digestion, liver, can clear plaque from your arteries and can lower blood pressure. It can also make sore throats and colds disappear faster. For the best results, eat it raw. You should chop it up first and let it sit 20 minutes to allow the powerful components in it breathe. Can’t handle the spice while it’s raw? Wait that 20 minutes, then gently sauté for a minute or two to enjoy the benefits.

6. Oregano
As a potent antioxidant, you can double up on your health by adding oregano and basil to your dishes. It’s terrific for clearing phlegm and keeping your digestive tract healthy.

7. Peppermint
Peppermint truly soothes the body. It relieves digestive issues and can reduce your temperature when you’re running a fever. Make it into a tea with raw organic honey to relieve sore throats or help with a headache.

Others to keep around are ginger and turmeric, which look similar in root form. Both can help with inflammation and strengthen immunity. Choose organic when reaching for these herbs and spices — non-organic herbs and spices are treated with pesticides that can store in the tissues of your body.

Using organic will keep you from taking in these nasty compounds while getting what you need from these flavorful medicinal herbs.

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