Vitamin C Isn’t Just For Fighting Off a Cold

We all know to reach for an extra dose of Vitamin C when we fill the scratchy throat coming on — it’s a well-known immune booster and a great one at that. But did you know it’s also fantastic for calming anxiety?

Vitamin C helps produce the hormone progesterone, which is helpful in reducing anxiety and giving a calming effect. Besides the distinct sources of Vitamin C we are so well accustomed to, like that freshly squeezed OJ, there are many other places to get your Vitamin C daily.

Five fantastic sources of Vitamin C include:
• Kiwi
• Strawberries
• Kale
• Guava
• and Papaya

Aside from boosting the immune system and helping with anxiety, Vitamin C is also beneficial in other ways. A massive benefit of Vitamin C is its ability to fight free radicals invading the body. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and helps to combat the damage to your body the free radicals are creating, keeping you healthy and your immune system in tip-top shape.

Vitamin C is also fantastic for making sure your bones stay healthy and strong. This is a risk we all face as we age, so staying on top of this throughout your life will give you a higher chance of not dealing with brittle bones as you age into your later years.

Making sure you get healthy amounts of Vitamin C is helpful in increasing your absorption of iron, as well. Lower iron levels can lead to anemia and cause you to bruise easily. So while you need to be consuming the recommended iron levels, keeping up with your Vitamin C will allow them to work hand-in-hand to pack a more powerful punch.

Lastly, being deficient in Vitamin C can also tinker with your cravings and food habits. If you’ve been craving sweets regularly, upping your Vitamin C could help balance out your cravings so you can finally get rid of that late night cookie stash.

So be sure to load up your grocery cart with citrus, dark leafy greens, cruciferous veggies, bell peppers, cantaloupe, and eat your Vitamin C packed foods as raw as possible for maximum nutrient intake.

Vitamin C is in abundant supply with hundreds of ways to consume it in different foods, so make sure you are getting your Vitamin C daily to reap the numerous benefits.

What’s your favorite source of Vitamin C?

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