The Best Healthy Phone Apps to Keep You on Track

Tools to make life more convenient seem to become more prevalent with each passing year. There’s a solution to almost any problem we can think up, and there’s an app for everything! Have you used any healthy lifestyle phone apps to keep you on track with your goals? There are so many to choose from, and the accountability truly does work. Here are a few of my favorite current apps that keep me and my clients on track — I hope they will help you, too!

Headspace. A meditation app that helps you quiet your mind for as little as a few minutes a day. With so many different focus packs to choose from, there are plenty of focused topics to choose from. I love it!

ShopWell. A fascinating app that helps you understand what’s in the food you’re buying and suggests new foods to try. You can input your health goals, and the app will help you reach them.

Dietbet. If you need an extra layer of accountability, putting your money where your mouth is can really help. Dietbet can help keep you on track by charging you when you fall behind on your goals — and even making some money when you reach them!

Habit-bull. A visual representation of the healthy habits you are forming and trying to keep going. Keep yourself on track with this simple to use app.

HabitShare.  This is another app that helps you keep track of new habits.   You can set up reminders and also add friends to help hold you accountable.

Charity Miles. An incredible opportunity to raise money for charity while getting healthy. What a fantastic way to hold yourself accountable.

If you haven’t taken advantage of some or all of these helpful apps, I’d highly suggest downloading them today. Do you use any that I didn’t mention?  I’d love to hear your favorites.  Comment below so I can check them out.

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