Spices That Should be in Everyone’s Kitchen

I am certain you have the staple ingredients you keep stocked in your pantry at all times, but which spices do you always keep on hand? Whether you know this or not, many spices you undoubtedly consume regularly, and probably have in your kitchen right now, hold incredible health benefits. So today, I want to share with you some of my favorite versatile spices that also are beneficial for your health.

#1: Black Pepper: I must say, this is one my absolute favorite spices and I include it in everything. The best option is using freshly ground pepper from a peppercorn mill, which is simple to find and pick up from any grocery store. It tastes better freshly ground, and it’s far more beneficial for your health. Freshly ground black pepper helps assist with digestion and has helpful antioxidant benefits.

#2 Ginger: A natural germ fighter, ginger can help protect you against bacteria and germs that can attack your immune system. Ginger can also naturally reduce inflammation and quell any nausea you may experience. Great for digestion, ginger can be added to meals, smoothies, or your morning hot lemon water.

#3 Cinnamon: A great addition to your morning smoothie or coffee, cinnamon is also great for stabilizing your blood sugar and boosting your immune system.There are also some fruits & vegetables that go well with cinnamon such as baked apples and honey-glazed carrots.

#4 Garlic: You can include garlic in just about any dish because it’s so versatile and complimentary to most foods. It’s incredible for detoxing the body naturally, boosting your immune system and fighting off infections — and luckily, it tastes amazing. Add it in as much as you can!

#5 Turmeric: This spice is truly incredible and cannot be overlooked. If finding space for it in your dishes is difficult, getting a high-quality turmeric supplement to take daily would be of great benefit to you. It’s easily incorporated into soups or main dishes. Its benefits include antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties to help keep you healthy.

What spices do you use on a daily basis that you couldn’t imagine life without?

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