What’s In Your Head?

Have you ever stopped and taken note of what goes through your head on a daily basis?  The stream of constant words that speed through your mind without any effort?  You have a voice that you speak to yourself with, and it’s so familiar to you, you may not realize the damage it could be doing.

So, how do you speak to yourself?  What does that voice sound like?

Is that voice kind or harsh?

Are your thoughts encouraging or demeaning?

Do you speak to yourself in a way that you’d be offended by if someone else spoke to you using the same words?

Your thoughts are full of power, and it’s crucial to strive to be aware of them.

Spend today really listening to the thoughts streaming through your mind and what themes you notice.  Take note of the tone you hear.  Your thoughts affect your actions and your health, so be mindful of stopping any negative self-talk and replacing it with healthy communication.  You deserve it.


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