What Does Your Home Say About You?

What does your space say about you?

Your home.  Your bedroom.  Your sacred space.

What does it tell others without you saying a word?

Have you ever considered that the state of your home could speak such things?

For example:  If you walk into someone’s home and notice the dishes are overflowing in the sink, the floor hasn’t been swept in weeks, and the laundry is thrown in disarray all over the room, but there’s a well-worn spot on the couch that looks like just their size… you can pick up on quite a bit from this scenario, can’t you?

My home is too cluttered.  We have too much stuff and I have been working on clearing it out.  We have lived in the same home for over 17 years and have accumulated a lot of stuff.

The state of our living space has so, so much to do with our health — physically and mentally.  Does your space need some tweaking to portray what you want it to portray?  Or does your living space say exactly what you want it to already?

The new year is here.

Is your living space set up for you to live a healthy life?

If not, what can you do this week to head in that direction?

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