The Pressure of Perfection

When you think of your idea of perfection, trace back to where those thoughts came from.  Are these thoughts actually things you believe, or were you taught to think that’s what you need to do or have to achieve perfection?

We’re taught a lot of things in society and by the people that raise us.  Some things are so deeply ingrained in us that we don’t realize until we take a good look that we don’t personally hold those thoughts or beliefs.  A lot of the time, these ingrained views or opinions have to do with what our life should look like.

So, let me ask you.

What does YOUR perfect life look like?

(Keeping in mind, of course, perfection isn’t attainable!)

Maybe you don’t want to be at the top of the corporate ladder.

Maybe you don’t want to vacation in Aruba.

Maybe you aren’t interested in being a parent.

What does your idea of your most fantastic life look like?

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