The Carb Debate

If you want to get into a fun debate, ask your friends if they crave carbs or sugar more.  You’ll be surprised what kind of conversation sparks — but one thing is for sure, carb cravings are a real struggle for many.

There is no doubt that carb cravings are a hard obstacle to overcome when wanting to eat healthily.  First of all, making sure you are getting enough rest will impact your cravings immensely.  Steering clear of unhealthy carbs will keep your cravings at bay, as well.  We seem to crave more of what we’ve been eating recently, so the further you get away from those types of junk foods, the less they will appeal to you.

When you do eat, make sure you are eating healthy fats, good protein, and colorful veggies to fill up on.  These healthy foods will keep your blood sugar stabilized, lessening your cravings.  Keeping your body hydrated will aid in this, as well.

Pro tip: when a craving strikes, pop a peppermint in your mouth.  This change of flavor in your mouth will help snap you out of craving mode.

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