Take a Deep Breath

Breathing.  We all do it, but do we do it well?  And why does it matter?

The fact that we’ve been breathing since day one, you’d think we’d be better at it… but it’s something we need to focus on and be mindful about improving because its benefit to every part of our health is astounding!

Not only does proper breathing lower stress and anxiety, but it’s also responsible for providing every cell in our body with the nutrients it needs to run smoothly.  Pretty important, huh?

Most of us hold our breath without knowing, which is also accompanied with gritting the teeth and jaw.  Grinding your teeth or having a firm bite can cause a slew of problems with your muscular comfort.  Gritting and grinding your teeth can ultimately cause dental issues in the future, and can cause problematic and frequent tension headaches.

Finding out how to improve your breathing is as simple as hopping over to YouTube.  Search some simple breathing exercises and begin focusing on working on your breath work.

So, how is your breathing?

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