Kids Setting Intentions

Kids can set intentions too.

It’s common practice as adults to set intentions going into each New Year.  We talk about the things we want to accomplish, the new hobbies or topics we want to learn about, how we want to improve ourselves… but what about our kids?

It’s great to start instilling this practice in your kid now beginning with each new school year.  The New Year might not be as important to them, but the start of each new school year is a perfect time to practice this with your kid(s).  When you hear what they want to accomplish throughout the year, you’re also going to be much more equipped to help them achieve the goals they set.

So curl up with your kid(s) this weekend and hear their desires for this new school year that’s just started.  Hear their hopes, dreams, fears, and concerns… and tuck them in the back of your mind so you can help along the way.

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