Have You Ever Asked Yourself This?

It’s not uncommon to be passionate about the Earth we live in, caring about what happens to it and striving our best to protect it.  Earth day comes around once a year and we plant a lot of trees, but what can we do on a daily basis to make an impact?

One of the most powerful things I’ve done for myself is creating a daily habit of being mindful of this.  The way I do this and consider my impact on the environment is to literally look at each thing I come into contact with on a daily basis, and wonder where it will go when I am done with it.

When you go for that bottle of water at the gas station, stop and think about where it’s going when you’re done with it.  Sure, you’ve heard me say how important hydration is, and that still rings true!  But actually visualize the plastic water bottle sitting in a landfill, and you’ll be motivated to not forget your reusable water bottle next time.  Making these changes are simple, but it takes time and practice.  So, how can you practice this today and make a habit of it?

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