Flavored Water

Are you a water fan, or do you have to choke it down?

Water is an essential element of life that we cannot live without.  Dehydration can cause severe issues, ranging from uncomfortable to dangerous, so staying on top of our water intake is an everyday task.

Water is non-negotiable, although I know some people don’t love the taste of it.  Luckily there are loads of ways you can flavor your water to amp up the taste a bit.  You can simply squeeze a citrus rind of choice in it, or you can get fancy and add other fruits and herbs even.  There are some delicious mixtures such as watermelon & mint, strawberry & basil, lemon & lavender.  The options are endless, and it makes water anything but boring tasting once you start playing with flavors.

Personally, I usually drink it plain but sometimes add lemon or lime.

So are you a fan of plain water, or do you need to dress it up to enjoy it?  What’s your favorite way to drink it?


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