Don’t Wait For The Gym

Have you ever stared at your gym membership and wondered when on earth you’d use it again?  The days seem to slip through your fingers, and it’s been too long since you’ve hit the gym?

You aren’t the only one.  There are exercises you can do at home to hold you over until your next gym visit, and I wanted to share one of my favorite moves with you today.

The Chair Squat.

Start with a chair behind you.

With your feet hip-width apart, lower yourself like you’re going to sit in the chair behind you.

Don’t actually make contact with the chair.

Slowly stand back up into standing position.

Repeat 10x.


But You Can Eat Treats

Okay.  Hear me out.  I don’t suggest eating sweets on a regular basis, and the less processed the better.  But there’s this notion that if you’re going to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you must give up any and all treats forever.  That’s simply not true.

Obsessing over your meals with no wiggle room (unless you have allergies/sensitivities, of course) is a recipe for defeat.  Balance is a critical part of health, and I want you to enjoy a treat every once in awhile.  I do!

The focus needs to be on making the treats as healthy as possible, and not overdoing it.

Eating Simply

Did you know that eating simple foods can reduce your stress levels?  What do I mean by simple foods?  Healthy, whole foods that aren’t processed or filled with chemicals.  Generally, these foods are going to be found on the perimeter of your supermarket, you’ll hardly need to venture into the middle aisles at all.

Think about how much time you’ll save not looking up recipes, spending hours trying new recipes out in the kitchen, and all the extra food prep that comes along with it.  Stick to simple ingredients, meals with no more than six ingredients and see how much easier your meals become.

If You Feel Stuck

Is there something in your life causing you to feel stuck?  Perhaps you aren’t in your dream career, you’re in a dry spell relationship-wise, or you are feeling uninspired in general.

I want you to be encouraged today that feeling stuck is okay.  It’s an entirely normal part of life, and it happens to every single one of us.  Instead, lean into the feeling of being stuck.  Fully facing this feeling will push you into brainstorming how to get un-stuck, and how to find your way back to the path you’re desiring.  Feeling stuck won’t last forever, so lean in and brainstorm your way out.


Multitask for Health

How many times have you thought there just aren’t enough hours in the day?  How can you possibly get all that needs done completed each day?  And then have time for exercise, downtime, social interactions, etc. — it feels like an impossibility at times.

One way to multitask is by walking and listening to audiobooks or educational podcasts at the same time.  There’s something about curling up with a good book that comforts you to the core — but there isn’t always time to do this regularly.  Try downloading audiobooks from your library ( or on, and subscribing to podcasts so you can learn about something that interests you.

Invest in some Bluetooth wireless headphones (as low as $15 on Amazon) and tuck them in your ears as you’re walking around the block, doing laundry, commuting, getting ready in the mornings, and any other time you can find tucked away in your day.

Are You Happy

What did you want to be when you were little?

What did you end up choosing as your career?

Think about how much time you spend working each week, and how HUGE of a chunk that is out of your lifetime.  If you spend 8+ hours a day unhappy at a job you despise, the vast majority of your life is going to be spent unhappy.  That’s not a gamble I want for you, and I guarantee that you don’t want that for yourself either.

I understand a career change isn’t always easy, but there are always aspects of the job you currently have that you can improve.  Think about the top three things you dislike about your current job, and brainstorm ways to enhance those areas for better.  If you aren’t working your dream job currently, also take time to brainstorm how you can work toward getting that dream job you’re desiring.  I know you can do it!


Lower Stress This Way

There are many different aspects of health that make up your overall well-being:  relationships, career, physical fitness, and financial health, just to name a few.  There are many more pieces of the pie, but today I want to focus on your financial health and how it relates to your overall health.

Financial trouble can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.  It often feels like a hole you can’t seem to dig yourself out from — have you felt that before, too?  Being financially stable is a tremendously influential part of your health, if for no other reason than a lower stress level.

Struggling financially is something that feels taboo to talk about, and we are often prone to trying to hide.  Instead of continuing on a path of financial distress, focus on very concrete steps to get yourself out of the hole and release the stress that’s hindering you.

Do You Crave Creativity

There’s something curious and playful about feeling creative.  If you have children or are around children often, being in their presence can often remind us just how imaginative and creative we all start off as.  Exploring our creativity connects us to a special part of us that may have been dormant for a long time, and can awaken a whimsical side of us that can breathe new, fresh life into us.

One of the best ways to ignite your creativity is to spend time outside, unplugged.  Choose an afternoon this weekend to explore in your own unique way.  This could be an outside experience, exploring a neighboring town, an art gallery, whatever lights you up.  Exploring new things wakes up that part of our brain and unleashes our creativity, so find somewhere new to explore and connect fully to the experience.

Feeding Your Soul

How often do we talk about feeding ourselves physically?  Multiple times a day, I’d venture to guess.  Today, I want to shift your thinking to a different type of hunger.  Aside from our physical bodies needing nourishment, our souls need constant sustenance as well.  We can eat all the kale we can find, but if our hearts feel empty and famished, it can breed health concerns worse than poor eating habits.

What fills your heart?

How often do you do those things?

We are spiritual beings that crave and deeply need connection, purpose, and love.  Where do you find those things?

Have You Thought of This?

Do you put as much value in taking care of your mental health than you do your physical health?  Most people naturally make it a priority or at least think it’s imperative, whether they’re doing it or not, to take care of their physical health.

It’s great that most people know the tricks and tips to gaining physical health — but most people don’t think with as much importance to mental health than they do to their physical health.

So I challenge you today to put some thought toward that, and explore what you can do to put more intention towards taking care of your mental health as well as your physical health, since they go hand in hand.