Have You Tried This?

With the Fall in the air and the cold weather approaching, it is the perfect time to start implementing hot lemon water in the mornings (if you aren’t already, of course).  Try starting off your day with warm water and freshly squeezed lemon — you can even add apple cider vinegar, honey, or ginger to the mix to pump even more health properties into it.

This concoction helps jumpstart your digestion for the day, helps keep you regular, and helps boost the immune system.  With those cold and flu months approaching, it’s the ideal time to get into the habit of drinking it every morning and building up an even stronger immune system to protect you through the fall and winter.

Have you ever tried drinking warm lemon water in the mornings?


Favorite Activity

What’s your favorite thing to do outside in the Fall?

Campfires, hiking, leaf peeping, visiting a pumpkin patch, fall festivals… there are so many wonderful things going on in the autumn outdoors.

What do you and your family do outdoors in the fall?

Now’s a perfect time to check out the events calendar where you live -macaronikid.com is excellent if you have children- and check out what’s going on for the next few months, so you don’t miss anything fun.

Essential Oils – Have You Tried Them?

Have you used Essential Oils?

It’s incredible how much you can replace and use essential oils instead.  For instance — bug spray, household cleaner, skincare products, etc.  There really is an oil for everything, including the common discomforts we all face.

What’s your favorite oil?!  If you’ve never tried them before, drop a comment below, and I can suggest something that might help make your life a little easier.


Healthy Dining Out Options

Eating outside of the home from time-to-time is inevitable, and it also can be quite healthy and enjoyable.  There are numerous opportunities to meet a friend out for dinner, business lunches, and even eating out when you’re traveling — when a home cooked meal isn’t a possibility, finding something as healthy as possible is next best.

For example, there are several chain restaurants you’re sure to find in most cities you visit that you can count on to have a fresh salad bar.  Jason’s Deli and Ruby Tuesday’s are two options with endless salad bars.

Eating out doesn’t have to mean you’ll feel bloated and groggy the next day, there are loads of healthy options to choose from when you’re not able to eat at home.

What do you usually order when you’re eating at a restaurant?

Do You Drink Smoothies?

Are you a smoothie drinker?

Green smoothies are a great way to get greens into your diet in an effortless way, and also the perfect solution for a quick and easy breakfast you can even make the night before!

Sounds like a win-win to me.

It’s important not to overload with fruit due to the natural sugar content.  Try packing your blender with mostly greens and veggies (celery and cucumber are great refreshing options that blend well) … and choose either a handful of berries, half a banana, or a handful of pineapple… but keep it minimal.  You’ll find it doesn’t take much to sweeten it up.

You can also add peanut butter or avocado for extra healthy fats.

So what do you put in your smoothies?

Bedtime Stretching

Have you ever tried stretching before bed?   It might sound (and look) silly, but it yields the most restful night of sleep I’ve felt in a long time.  Before you hop in bed for the night, sit on your floor, or even your bed, and do a few minutes of stretching.  Slowly stretch your legs, arms, neck… and see what a difference it makes.

Do you struggle with sleep? Let me know below what you’ve tried that hasn’t worked.


Sweet Tooth

The most popular struggle I hear from people when it comes to their health is that sweet tooth that’s so hard to kick.  It swoops in and de-rails any efforts you’ve made at healthy eating, and you’re left feeling disappointed and like you’re failing at this healthy lifestyle game.

A shocking statistic I heard is that the World Health Organization estimates the average person consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar PER DAY.  Did your jaw hit the floor, too?  It’s hiding in everything, and we’re consuming far more than we know.  It’s a big problem that’s affecting our society in vital ways, and we need to be more mindful of controlling our sugar intake on a daily basis.

So what does your sweet tooth crave?

Flavored Water

Are you a water fan, or do you have to choke it down?

Water is an essential element of life that we cannot live without.  Dehydration can cause severe issues, ranging from uncomfortable to dangerous, so staying on top of our water intake is an everyday task.

Water is non-negotiable, although I know some people don’t love the taste of it.  Luckily there are loads of ways you can flavor your water to amp up the taste a bit.  You can simply squeeze a citrus rind of choice in it, or you can get fancy and add other fruits and herbs even.  There are some delicious mixtures such as watermelon & mint, strawberry & basil, lemon & lavender.  The options are endless, and it makes water anything but boring tasting once you start playing with flavors.

Personally, I usually drink it plain but sometimes add lemon or lime.

So are you a fan of plain water, or do you need to dress it up to enjoy it?  What’s your favorite way to drink it?


Plant-Based Protein

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear about food is that meat is the only/best place to get the protein you need.

Is this something you think, too?  I’ll admit it, I thought the same thing before I learned otherwise.

This belief is far more common than not, so I wanted to share with you some of the best plant-based protein options…


– almonds

– legumes

– spinach

– chia seeds

– broccoli

– brussels sprouts


These are just to name a few, but as you can see, there are loads of protein options out there that don’t include animal protein.

Which one of these surprises you?


How Do You Respond?

How do you respond in emotional stress — do you shut down or blow up?

When we address our health, it has far more aspects to it other than what we put on our plates.  Our emotional health is crucial, and being mindful of how our emotional health is doing is something we should take account of often.

Most people address emotional stress in two ways — shutting down and going within, or blowing up and dealing with it externally.

Which one are you?