Favorite Way to Eat Apples

One of my favorite things to do in the autumn once the air gets crisp is to visit an apple orchard and bring home a bushel.  Apples are a staple in my home during the autumn months, and I make sure to find a new way to enjoy them each year.

With so many ways to cook, bake, and consume apples — what’s your favorite way?!  Let’s fill up the comments with delicious apple recipes 🙂

Is This the Reason?

Did you know that eating while stressed raises the cortisol levels in your body, which can disrupt your hormones?  What this means is even if you’re eating healthy foods, your body’s reaction to what you’re eating while stressed can still cause an adverse effect on your body.

This could even be a reason you’re not losing weight, even though you’re eating healthy foods.  If you’re stressing about the scale and every bite you eat, try loosening up this week and seeing what changes.  Continue eating healthily, but do your best to take the stress out of it altogether.  Check back in and let me know what feels different for you in a week of doing this, I’m so curious to know!

One simple tip to switch your mindset from stress to gratitude is to start your meal off by giving thanks.  Silently show your appreciation of the food in front of you and eat each bite with stress-free appreciation.

Let’s Celebrate

In older days, the autumn season marked the harvest, and the celebration of the hard work contributed to reap the bounty. Everyone gathered around the harvest table to give thanks to the Earth for the generosity it provided.

Let’s have a celebration of our own.  What’s something you’ve been working hard on lately that you’d like to celebrate? Big or small, it’s all worth celebrating.

Do You Do This?

Have you done this?  I know I have.

This time of year rolls around, the holidays begin, and we throw all caution to the wind when it comes to our eating habits.  We tell ourselves we’ll pick back up with healthy eating in the New Year along with the rest of the world — New Year Resolutions, right?  Millions of people every year fall into this cycle.

Let’s make this year different.  Instead of adopting that mindset this year, I want you to focus on one thing only — maintaining your weight. Instead of thinking “there’s no way I’ll lose weight this season with all the holidays coming up, so why even try?” think about what you can do to maintain instead of gain.  Let that be the goal this year and cut yourself some slack — it’s the holidays, after all!

Pick 2 Healthy Habits

Let’s kick off November with a little challenge.

This month, let’s focus on 2-3 healthy habits all month long.  It can be as simple as taking a 10-minute walk every day or as complex as 50 push-ups a day.

This way, once you get to the end of the month when the holidays begin, you will have been focusing on your health all month long.  You won’t feel as guilty eating that slice of pie, and you certainly won’t feel like one meal has derailed you from the health goals you’ve been working all month long on.

What are your 2-3 healthy habits going to be?  Challenge accepted?

How You Cook It Matters

It matters how you cook it.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “I just don’t like veggies.”

Now, of course, we all have foods we don’t love or prefer — that’s a given.  But I do wonder how many foods you don’t currently like could turn into something you love with a different cooking method.  It’s worked for me with many types of foods.

Different ways of cooking and seasoning can make a world of difference.  For example, steamed broccoli may turn your nose up, but have you ever tried roasting broccoli in the oven with some olive oil, garlic, and black pepper?  It’s incredible. An entirely different taste, smell, and texture.

So before you swear off of a veggie that hasn’t won you over yet, look up different ways to cook it and give it a shot.

Are You A Pumpkin Spice Fan?

Are you a Pumpkin Spice fan?

It’s officially pumpkin season — are you excited?  Not only are they fun to decorate and leave on our doorsteps, but they’re also good for you in many ways.  There are many benefits to pumpkins (check out my new Pumpkin Perks eBook here for more info!) so finding ways to sneak them into your food and drinks this season is a plus.

What’s your favorite pumpkin spice food/drink to enjoy this season?

You can buy nearly anything pumpkin spice flavored, so I’m excited to hear your responses.

Grocery Shopping

I’ve noticed there are two types of people – the kind of people who shop for the week on the weekend and the people that buy groceries throughout the week.

My family shops for the week.

Which one are you? Are you a planner who likes to plan for the week ahead and go shopping on the weekend for the entire week?

Or do you go several times throughout the week just picking and choosing meals as you go?

Do Your Own Research

Do your own research.

Things are marketed to us in a way where we think the things we’re buying is the healthier option.  But what we don’t know is everything behind the meaning.  For example, did you know that “Cage Free” eggs only means they’re not in a cage, it doesn’t mean they have access to the outside at all?  When we see the words “cage free” on an egg carton, we imagine a chicken running around outside, but that’s not always the case.

Make sure you do your own research on these buzzwords like “Cage Free” and “All Natural” so you know what these words REALLY mean.



Are you allergic to any foods?

Food allergies seem to be much more prevalent now than before, have you noticed that?

Some of the most common food allergies are tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, cow’s milk, shellfish, wheat, and soy.

Do you struggle with food allergies?

Why do you think food allergies are so much more common now?