Natural Ways to Repel Bugs This Summer

The warm summer air brings images of many great activities, things like swimming, picnics, and outdoor barbecues. However, it may conjure up images of another thing too: bugs. While summer is a memorable season, the bug invasion will be upon us, and if you’re anything like me, you’re covered in bug bites by the end of the day. So what are some natural ways of repelling them, so we don’t have to deal with all those nasty chemical sprays?

1. Citronella
It is not a surprise to many to hear that bugs tend to hate the smell of citrus. Citronella is a lemony-grass plant that bugs absolutely hate to be around. Having a couple of these outside your house, or just lighting some citronella candles every so often, should keep the bugs at bay. Similar to this, bugs also hate citrus rinds. So before you toss that orange rind, rub them all over places where you will typically find bugs to keep them out.

2. Vanilla Extract
Not just good for baking, but also good for keeping the critters away. Just mix it with some water, and spray it in areas where bugs frequent. Not only is this good at keeping the bugs away, but you can do it without causing your house to smell like garlic, onions, or vinegar — which are also all great for keeping bugs away.

3. Peppermint
No need to spray chemicals on your body, take some peppermint leaves, crush them, and rub them on your skin. You will smell fresh, and the biting insects will leave you alone. Peppermint essential oils also work well for this. (Don’t use peppermint essential oil if you are breastfeeding, as it can reduce your milk supply)

4. Use Vinegar and Dish Soap
This is a very popular trick that many people do to keep fruit flies and mosquito at bay both inside and outside your home. What you do is take a soda bottle, cut the top off and invert it. Then you pour in some vinegar and a drop of dish soap. Fruit flies will be attracted to it but will get trapped and drown.

Summer bugs can make the season seem more like a drag than the fun times that it is meant to be. However, you don’t have to choose between itchy bug bites or spraying some unknown chemicals on your skin. Follow these tips, and you will be able to go outside or keep the bugs from going in with some natural, and pleasant smelling scents.

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