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Why You Should Start Drinking Matcha Green Tea

Have you heard of matcha before? Green tea has been revered for better health for centuries, but matcha has become more popular in recent years.

Matcha is a type of green tea that is created by taking the young tea leaves, grinding it into a powder, and then whisking it into hot water. Instead of just drinking water infused with all the goodness of green tea, you are actually drinking that green tea. That’s the difference between regular green tea and matcha, but there are so many incredible perks for drinking matcha regularly.

Here are some important ones that will have you heading to the tea aisle to pick some up for yourself.

1. Draws out toxins
Matcha produces extra chlorophyll because it’s shade-grown. That means it has stronger detoxifying properties that can help you naturally eliminate heavy metals and other chemicals from your body. We all need regular detoxification, so this is a huge plus!

2. Potent antioxidants
Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants, but you’ve got to go with matcha to take that to the next level. Matcha has 15 times the antioxidants of superfood fan-favorite blueberries if that helps put it in perspective.

3. Super catechins powers
While we’re discussing antioxidants, catechins are one of the most potent, particularly EGCG. This incredible antioxidant can help with weight loss and keeping your heart and brain healthy. It also destroys oxidative stress and protects against free radicals.

4. Sublime skin
Drink more matcha, and you’ll soon see you have more youthful, glowing skin than ever before. Those catechins are responsible for that. When you finish drinking your cup of matcha, save a little bit and dab it onto your face after washing to get even more of a gorgeous boost.

5. Calmed focus
Need coffee to get things done but find yourself jittery? Give matcha a try. Drinking matcha gives you the ability to stay focused and on task while remaining calm. You’ll notice when you drink it, you feel alert yet clear — a great feeling when you need to get work done.

6. Burns calories
As mentioned with catechins, matcha naturally boosts your metabolism which leads to more calories burned on a regular basis. If you’ve felt a bit stagnant with your weight loss, try drinking matcha each day to burn fat naturally.

7. Better oral hygiene
Matcha is highly antibacterial which means it’s great for keeping your oral hygiene top notch. By inhibiting bacteria, it keeps things cleaner for longer for a healthier smile.

Matcha really does so much more than this. It can boost your immunity and memory, ease your joints, and provides you with loads of vitamins and minerals you might not be getting with the foods you eat. So if matcha isn’t a part of your life already, it’s time to give it a shot and see the positive changes that come as a result.

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