The Importance of Leafy Greens in Your Diet

Many people know that eating your leafy greens is important to a balanced diet, but WHY is it so important?

Green vegetables are one of the cornerstones of any healthy diet because they contain so many nutrients that benefit your body in a multitude of ways.  They are the perfect food to keep you full because greens are so high in fiber, which is great for weight loss.

Leafy greens, especially kale and collards, are full of calcium.  The calcium you get from consuming greens can lead to stronger bones, healthier muscle function and better overall blood pressure.

Vitamins E and C, found in many green vegetables, support healthy, glowing  skin and protect it from sun damage as you age.  These nutrients can also decrease risk of cataracts or macular degeneration.

Another essential vitamin prominent in leafy greens is vitamin K.  It prevents multiple age related conditions, as well as cardiovascular disease and kidney calcification.  The good news is that in just one cup of most green vegetables, there is at least your recommended daily value in vitamin K.

Incorporating at least five servings of green vegetables, especially leafy greens, into your diet every day, will support optimal health and vitality.  The age prevention qualities and benefits to your overall health are truly significant and can make an impact on the aging process.

Either raw or prepared, green vegetables can liven any dish with their bright green color and taste great with their soft, sometimes earthy taste and texture.  Expand your horizons and try new leafy greens whenever possible…..your body will thank you!

What is your favorite leafy green vegetable?




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