Ditch the Recipe and Get More Confident in the Kitchen

We’ve been programmed to believe that recipes must lead the way in our cooking and meal planning. You likely have tons of cookbooks and even more recipes pinned on Pinterest. But how many of them have you actually gotten around to making? And, why is that? I’ll tell you exactly why. It’s overwhelming. It’s new. And it doesn’t make our lives easier. Having to awkwardly read each line of the recipe between each step causes a simple meal to turn into hours in the kitchen. And quite frankly, we typically don’t have time for that in our busy schedules. Maybe on a weekend when you’re feeling adventurous in the kitchen, but on a regular weeknight, you want dinner on the table without a headache.

The trick is in learning a few simple pairings. Your meals don’t have to come from recipes.  Figure out your “meal staples” and you’ll increase your confidence in the kitchen.  What types of meats does your family eat regularly?  What vegetables does your family like?   Are there certain grains or starches that you eat more often than others.  We cook with a lot of chicken, both breasts & thighs, and beef chuck roast.   Green beans are one of my families favorites.   As many of you know I am gluten free.  I eat some rice and potatoes.  Next think about the flavors and spices that your family enjoys.  I love Mexican 🙂

Get comfortable with a few simple soups or crockpot meals. If you’re a meat eater, it’s incredibly simple to pair a healthy
portion of meat with a vegetable of choice and a side salad. So whatever protocol you follow, find a way to simplify. Just like making different outfits from the clothes in your closet, we do the same thing in the kitchen. We have our staples that we use on a regular basis, and we find ways to spruce them up and make our meals different. This also helps with grocery shopping — you know exactly what you’re getting on a weekly basis and it makes your shopping a breeze.

So, how are you in the kitchen? Is this something you struggle with?

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