Where is Your Dream Vacation Spot

Where is your dream vacation spot?

There are so many good reasons to take a vacation, but science can back why it is essential to take that vacation time. Quality time away is proven to reduce stress, it can make you more productive at work, and on top of it all, it can deepen your relationships with your spouse and/or family members.

Removing yourself from your typical day-to-day life and inserting yourself into a new place to explore can awaken an adventurous part of your soul that may not be tapped on a daily basis.  These times away are so important, and they can be as little as visiting the next town over or flying halfway around the world.

So, where’s your dream vacation spot?

Travel Anxiety

Do you get travel anxiety?

This time of year often comes with a lot of traveling.  Traveling to see friends or family for the holidays, or even traveling for big New Year’s Eve plans.

What toll does traveling take on you — does it fill you with anxiety or leave you feeling excited?

For example, it’s said that 25% of people suffer from fear of flying.  This leaves those year-end travel plans anxiety-inducing for a large number of people.

Do you struggle with travel anxiety?

Healthy Dining Out Options

Eating outside of the home from time-to-time is inevitable, and it also can be quite healthy and enjoyable.  There are numerous opportunities to meet a friend out for dinner, business lunches, and even eating out when you’re traveling — when a home cooked meal isn’t a possibility, finding something as healthy as possible is next best.

For example, there are several chain restaurants you’re sure to find in most cities you visit that you can count on to have a fresh salad bar.  Jason’s Deli and Ruby Tuesday’s are two options with endless salad bars.

Eating out doesn’t have to mean you’ll feel bloated and groggy the next day, there are loads of healthy options to choose from when you’re not able to eat at home.

What do you usually order when you’re eating at a restaurant?

Tips and Tricks for Packing a Healthy Picnic

With summer in full swing and the colder months are right around the corner, the weather is perfect for spending as much time outside as possible. A favorite weekend activity is packing up a picnic and finding somewhere beautiful to unpack and enjoy with my family/friends/loved ones (whichever you prefer) — however, typical picnic foods can be quite unhealthy.

That’s exactly why I wanted to share with you some of my favorite tips and tricks for making a healthy picnic so you can enjoy a few more before the cooler weather rolls in!

1. Skip the Chips
Potato chips might sound great for picnic food, but they can pack on the calories very quickly. On top of that, they’re nearly completely devoid of nutrients, so you can eat a whole bag and still be hungry. Instead, pack some produce such as celery, carrots, or apple slices, and have a side of hummus or peanut butter for delicious, nutritious dipping.

2. Ditch the Bun
A very popular picnic food is sandwiches. They are tasty, versatile, and you do not need a plate to eat it. However, bread can be highly processed and unhealthy. Wrap up your sandwich contents in a lettuce wrap instead for a healthy alternative.

3. Skip the Mayo
Mayo is common to see in picnics. It can be found in tuna salad, slathered on bread, or put in potato or egg salad. Mayo has hundreds of calories in just a few tablespoons and provides almost no nutrition. So instead, consider other healthier options, like salsa, mustard, or even guacamole. You could even trade out mayonnaise for high-quality Greek yogurt and hardly notice a difference.

4. Drink it Up
How can you have a summer picnic without the refreshing cold drinks? Yet, many drinks are loaded with sugar and have tons of empty calories. Great alternatives would be to bring along tea, water, lemonade, or seltzer, and focus on hydrating with water instead. That way you can have nice refreshments without feeling as if you are splurging too much.

Picnics are fun, and the summer makes us all want to go outside. It can be hard to make sure that we do not over-consume unhealthy junk foods when we are out there. Yet, with a couple of tips and tricks, it can be easy to make your picnic healthy and enjoyable so you can continue to enjoy your healthy summer.

Would you rather travel or stay at home?

I love how we are all made so differently.  Some crave travel and seeing the world, while others are content with staying in the same city their whole lives.  There’s no right or wrong way, but what’s YOUR way?

Traveling the world can bring a cultural education element that can’t be learned any other way, which is exciting and adventurous.  If I had to pick one place to travel to, my top pick would be Europe.

Where would you love to see most?

The holiday season typically involves a lot of travel.  Bustling airports, busy highways, and packed trains.  Winter is also flu season and rampant with germs with all of these people around!

When I travel this time of year, I take extra precautions for staying healthy during my travels.

— About a week before I travel, I start increasing my immune boosters.  Aside from regular vitamins, Elderberry syrup works like a charm.  I also make sure to get enough sleep so that my body isn’t beaten down!

— Pack your vitamins and immune boosters to take with you.  I can’t even count how many times I felt an illness coming on during my travels due to the abundance of germs I was surrounded by on airplanes and public transportation.  Having your arsenal with you to combat it right away, before it sets in, is key.

— Pack your food.  It can be hard (or extremely expensive!) to eat healthy foods in airports and while traveling.  Pack yourself a healthy and easily transportable meal and snacks, so you don’t have to go hungry.

— Bring the antibacterial wipes or your favorite bacteria killing essential oil.

What do you do to keep the germs at bay as you travel?  Leave a comment below — I’m always looking for new ideas!