Know What Inspires You

Do you do things daily that fill you up and inspire you?

Small daily doses of inspiration, growth and doing something that you simply enjoy makes a huge difference over time.

That could mean listening to an audiobook during your commute instead of rolling your eyes at morning traffic, spending time in the evening journaling before bed, or any variation of small things that make you feel better daily.

What are those things for you?

Foods That Fill Your Energy Reserves

Reaching for the coffee is something we’re accustomed to doing when we need a boost of energy. Instead of reaching for a quick boost, that comes with a crash soon after, let the foods you eat fuel your energy naturally. By choosing the right foods and adding them to your daily routines, you can pump up the power to conquer anything that comes your way. Here are some of my favorite energy boosting foods for the next time you’re feeling sluggish.

Quinoa. The hard-to-pronounce ancient grain is a fabulous source of proteins and amino acids, along with plenty of other stuff too. Because it’s so dense with nutrients, this kind carb is ideal for upholding high energy levels for longer.

Tuna. Scoop out the inside of a cucumber sliced lengthwise for a carb-less “bun” and stuff it with tuna fish. It makes a satisfying lunch that will beat that mid-day slump so you can trudge on through the rest of your day without defeat.

Lentils and beans. An economical way to boost your energy is with lentils and beans. They each have tons of fiber which keep your blood sugar levels steady, ideal for maintaining energy all day long.

Oranges. With plenty of vitamin C, oranges are a smart choice for boosting immunity and for increasing energy too. Have them with lunch before returning to work, and you’ll feel even-keeled all afternoon.

Nuts. Nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachios, and even natural peanut butter contain the nutrients and essential fats you need, along with protein too. They make a great on-the-go snack that provides a satisfying crunch anytime you need a bite.

Spinach. Spinach is rich in amino acids that will keep you going all day long. Spinach is also an easy food to add to almost any recipe, so sneak it in as much as possible.

Dark chocolate. And finally, let’s end on a sweet note. Real dark chocolate with at least 80% cacao is a mega-energy booster. Savor a square of the good stuff, and you’ll be good to go. Plus, you’ll satisfy that sweet tooth all in one fell swoop.

Start adding these foods to your meals and see how more energetic you feel.

Do you find yourself having an all or nothing mindset about your health?  It’s either salad every meal, or you’re doing it “wrong” — and don’t even think about having that cupcake on your birthday.  That officially means you’ve fallen off track, and you’re down in the dumps for a few days before you can muster the courage to pull yourself back up.

I want to let you know you can feel freedom from this way of thinking.  Wellness isn’t all or nothing, and as a matter of fact, it’s a balancing act.

So how do you feel when you eat something less healthy than you think you “should” — how do you treat yourself?


How fast do you get ready for bed at night?  Is it a quick routine you have become so accustomed to that you could do it with your eyes closed, or is it more of an experience you choose to be mindful of, using relaxation techniques?

Taking a few extra minutes for yourself at bedtime to pamper your skin, dry brush your body, or use a lotion infused with lavender oil to nourish your skin before you sleep — it can change your sleep patterns for the better.

What could you add to your nightly routine to make all the difference?

How to Avoid a Smartphone Addiction

Admittedly, smartphones make life a lot easier when it comes to finding new places or looking up information right at our fingertips. We can respond to work emails while on the go and truly multi-task like never before. However, most of us need a little help with putting down the smartphone and actually engaging in the real world more often. Wouldn’t you agree?

Teach yourself the art of timeouts. While there will be times when you need your phone, you’ll want to train yourself to limit the time spent mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or whatever else you’ve got on there. Choose a time of day that works for you and make it a phone-free zone. Use this time instead to engage with the kids, your spouse, or yourself without using your phone. It will help you feel more connected to what matters, and help let go of the habit of using the phone to fill any free time you have.

Bid adieu to unnecessary apps. How many apps are on your phone? Now, how many of them do you NEED? Interesting, isn’t it? You don’t have to stay away forever, but rather, limit accessing them to the time you’re on your computer. If you really MUST keep certain apps on your phone, disable the push notifications so you’ll stop picking up your phone every time you get a notification. The freedom you’ll feel just from having a clutter-free phone is amazing, believe me!

But install one more app that will help. So, while unnecessary apps need to go, you should replace them with one app that tracks your screen time. Apps like Moment and BreakFree are just a couple of the more known ones. You can even coordinate them with your whole family so dinner time can truly be spent interacting with each other again, just like the good old days!

Make mindful activities more prevalent on a daily basis. Being addicted to your smartphone is the same as any addiction. Replacing it with a healthier alternative takes some getting used to, but after a while, it just feels right without it. Instead of mindlessly
scrolling along when you feel bored, try some exercise, read a book, or do something else that nourishes your soul or brings you closer to the people in your life.

Smartphones are definitely here to stay, but learning how to detach yourself from them long enough to live in reality is important for a more fulfilling life. Try it and see how much you’ve been missing out on while you’ve been staring at your screen.

Can I challenge you to do something new this week?

I’m confident you’ve had lettuce, spinach, and probably even the rave-worthy kale after the hype a few years ago.  But this week, I want you to resolve to try a leafy green that you’ve never had before.

Some examples could include arugula, collard greens, swiss chard, butter lettuce, kale, spinach, or even fresh green herbs you’ve never tried.  There are no rules here, just get out and try something new!

So, what’s it going to be?   If you need some recipes or tips on how to cook any of these greens, let me know – I’m happy to share my experiences and help in any way I can.

Metabolism — we all want to have a strong and quick one, but it takes some work to achieve a healthy metabolism.  It’s affected by what we eat, how we sleep, our hormones, exercise, and many other aspects of our overall wellbeing.

In fact, some specific foods can help boost your metabolism.

Keep the following foods on your plate: avocado, spinach, green tea, coconut oil, and almonds.  These only name a few, but the options listed here are versatile foods that can easily be added to almost any meal.

If you’re in need of a new workout routine, do some research on HIIT workouts that may fit your desires.  These exercises can be done just about anywhere, making them incredibly feasible for fitting into anyone’s schedule.

There are a slew of things you can do to boost your metabolism, but starting with these small changes can start you down a long-term path to a healthy metabolism.

What HIIT workout is your favorite?

Easy Ways to Go Green for a Toxin Free Home

The cleaning products we’ve been using to clean our homes aren’t really so clean. Unfortunately, these products are often full of toxic chemicals that are damaging to our health, and that linger in our homes. There are safer options to use that still get the job done, and today, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite ways to life a more toxin-free life at home.

Ditch the toxic cleaners. The biggest change you can make to create a more green home is to swap those chemical-filled cleaners with safer ones. You can find non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products in the most stores, or you can make your own just as easily. Baking soda makes for a fantastic naturally-effective cleaner that can even get soap scum up with minimal effort. Tea tree and citrus oils are great for disinfecting. So is white vinegar. And if you want your toilet to sparkle, use white vinegar with a little borax.

End the cycle of paper towels. Micro-fiber cloths can attract dirt all on their own. Dampen them up, and you’ll find they make short work of cleaning stainless steel, wood, glass, ceramics, and glass. Unlike paper towels, you can use them again and again to polish, dust and shine up the surfaces in your home without using nasty chemicals.

Find a natural way to make bugs bug off. Instead of using the toxic bug spray we’re all used to, seal cracks and holes near entryways, baseboards, and windowsills to prevent bugs from finding their way in. And for repelling them, use natural combinations of essential oils like rosemary, citronella, eucalyptus, lavender or mint with witch hazel to create a safe spray for your skin that keeps mosquitoes and other pests from bothering you and your kids.

Add live plants inside your home. Plants are not only a great way to add some life to your home, but they also serve as natural ways to filter your air. Some plants can even pull out harmful toxins that come from the chemicals used to treat your furniture, your electronics, and carpets. The best plants to do the job are palm trees, spider plant, Boston fern, ficus, snake plant, aloe vera, and the bamboo palm, to name a few. Place a plant in every room, more depending on the size of the space, and you’ll be able to breathe easier thanks to your new green friends.

When you think of your idea of perfection, trace back to where those thoughts came from.  Are these thoughts actually things you believe, or were you taught to think that’s what you need to do or have to achieve perfection?

We’re taught a lot of things in society and by the people that raise us.  Some things are so deeply ingrained in us that we don’t realize until we take a good look that we don’t personally hold those thoughts or beliefs.  A lot of the time, these ingrained views or opinions have to do with what our life should look like.

So, let me ask you.

What does YOUR perfect life look like?

(Keeping in mind, of course, perfection isn’t attainable!)

Maybe you don’t want to be at the top of the corporate ladder.

Maybe you don’t want to vacation in Aruba.

Maybe you aren’t interested in being a parent.

What does your idea of your most fantastic life look like?

I think we can all agree that the world needs more kindness in it, and that’s a daily practice we must keep in the forefront of our minds.  Such simple acts of kindness can create such a ripple effect of influence, it’s astonishing.  How we choose to approach each instance, each person, each moment of our day matters.

So, how can you add more joy to your day, and to others?

Here are a few fun, joyful acts you can choose to commit today…

– Write someone you appreciate a card telling them why you appreciate them

– Find a charity you admire and choose a way to help them within the next week, whether it be with your time or monetarily.

– Watch, listen to or read something that inspires you.

– Put your phone away for at least one hour, being entirely present with yourself or those around you.

Which of the simple things in life make you happy?