My Favorite Travel Snack

What are your travel plans for the summer?  I’d love to hear the adventures you have planned, and even get some inspiration from you on some great places to visit!

While you’re traveling and on the go, I wanted to share a recipe for a homemade trail mix that would be great to take on the road.  It’s so helpful to have tucked away in case hunger strikes.


– cashews

– almonds

– pistachios

– dark chocolate nibs

– dried cherries

– air popped popcorn


It’s Time to Reflect

What’s been great so far this year?

If you can believe it, we are more than halfway through the year already.  With all the focus typically being on resolutions for the new year, I love the practice of taking a pause in the middle of the year and focusing on what is going well and what you’ve accomplished thus far.

It’s also a fabulous time to get the fire lit within you again if you’ve fallen off track with your hopes for the year.  With all that said, its time to reflect.

What’s gone well for you so far this year?


Tips for Exercising in the Heat

Do you shy away from exercising outside during the hot summer months?

It can be challenging to conquer the heat and still get that workout in, but there are a few hacks I use during the hot months to get through them without ditching my workouts.

Going for a run in the early morning hours before the sun gets too hot is extremely helpful.

You could also do lower intensity workouts such as walking or hiking, and save the long runs for the cooler months.  If you do choose to still workout outside, make sure you wear white or other very light colored workout clothes with breathable fabrics.

If you don’t already have one, you can pick up one of those cool neck wraps that stays cool for several hours.  Wrap it around your neck as you’re outside to keep yourself cooled down as much as possible.

Lastly, choosing a shady park to run or walk in is another wonderful way to stay out of the sun.

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor workouts during the summer months?

Leaky Gut Syndrome Explained

Gut health has become trendy in recent years with the increase of using probiotics, drinking kombucha, and being mindful of the choices we make when it comes to food. This is great — it’s about time the general public learned how much the gut plays a roll in overall health. It’s even been touted your “second brain” — it’s absolutely crucial to learn all you can learn about gut health and get on top of it!

Leaky Gut Syndrome is one issue many people deal with when it comes to gut health. So, what is Leaky Gut? Your gut has the natural ability to permeate small molecules. For those that are sensitive, under stress, ill or aging, proteins called zonulin are released which destroy the intestinal linings.

To put it clearly, when that zonulin starts wreaking havoc, you wind up with what’s known as a leaky gut. When that happens, microbes, toxins, particles of undigested food, and a lot more releases out of your intestines and gets into your bloodstream. Your immune system then flags them as invaders and begins attacking them.

Inflammatory foods can cause leaky gut syndrome, as does gluten, infections, and toxins. Your doctor can help give a proper diagnosis, so if you suffer from things like digestive woes, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, skin problems and joint pain to name a few, ask your doctor about leaky gut syndrome and if it may be a factor for you.

Even if you suspect you may be dealing with a leaky gut, it can’t hurt to try eliminating problem foods to remove toxins and inflammatory agents to get to the source. This is an excellent practice for anyone, in general, to learn what foods work best for you and what foods need to be eliminated.

– Remove all the “bad.”
The first step is to cut out any items that harm your GI tract. So, it’s time to ditch the inflammatory foods (think junk foods) and focus on healthy, whole foods.

– Replace with good stuff
Once you eliminate potential problem-causers, add more essential items that aid in digestion. Dark leafy greens, probiotics, and digestive enzymes are a great place to start.

– Get busy re-inoculating
Your gut thrives on beneficial bacteria for a healthy balance. Get those pre and probiotics in there that it needs for your best health.

– Help the gut repair
Once a nice homeostasis is restored to your gut, start giving it the nutrients it needs to recover officially. Things like L-glutamine will help restore your gut wall lining.

It’s not too late to get your health back. If you suspect leaky gut syndrome to be the cause of your health issues, talk to your medical professional and begin working on restoring your gut health today.

It’s officially summer — what do you have planned?

Have you been waiting all year eagerly for your annual summer beach trip? Family reunion? Vacation? Hiking or camping?

Summer is the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors, visit friends and family, and try something new.

I personally love beginning a new routine each season, and summer is no exception. For example: meal prepping on Sundays, jogging every Saturday morning before the sun warms up, or learning to make my own household products with healthier ingredients than the chemical-laden ones in store bought brands. I encourage you to start a new habit this summer that’ll improve your life.

What do you have in mind for your plans this summer?


If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant setting, you may have heard of FIFO. It’s a method used to reduce food waste, and it’s great to use in your own kitchen, too!

FIFO stands for First In, First Out. The idea is to use the oldest produce first to avoid spoiling and having to throw away. For example, when you grocery shop for the week, place the oldest items in the front of the fridge and put the newer behind the oldest. This will help you use the older items first. You can also use the same method with your pantry, too.

Do you find you end up wasting a lot of food? This will help you be more mindful of what to use first and hopefully help to reduce food waste in your home.


As you can imagine, the things we put into our bodies affect our anxiety levels tremendously.  As a matter of fact, there are some anxiety-inducing foods and beverages that we regularly consume that we should limit or halt the intake of.

Alcohol, caffeine, and processed sugar are the top culprits.  If you’ve been feeling more anxious than usual lately, take a look at your consumption levels of these three items.  Try lowering them (best of all, cut them out completely) for a week and see what difference it makes.

Do you find some foods or beverages trigger anxiety for you?

Turning Your “To Do” List List Into a “To Be” List

for improved productivity

Are to-do lists daunting to you? For me, staring at a to-do list can be extremely overwhelming and lead down the road of procrastination. See, the thing with those “to-do” lists is that they usually contain a not-so-effective word. Should. It’s not that it’s a bad word, but when you’re trying to make goals and stick to them, “should” feels more like what others expect of us rather than what we genuinely expect of ourselves.

Instead, we “should” be putting the focus on what we desire. That’s why making a “to-be” list is best, which will lead you right down the alley of the “to-do” you’re after. Once I made this shift into writing “to be” lists for myself, a weight was lifted from my shoulders.

Personally, I think we focus too much on what we need to DO, instead of who we need and desire to BE. We’re so much more than a worker bee sailing through to-do lists every day of the week, and acknowledging that is huge.

So, what is this “to be” list I speak of, and how do you do it?

First, start by writing it down.

Take a moment to yourself to think about what you want to become. Do you want to be a better parent? An artist? More focused on your health? Whatever it is, think about what would bring you the most joy.

Compare it to your “to-do” list
Next, hold that “to-be” list up next to your “to-do” list. If your “to-do” list doesn’t support the things you want to be, you need to make some adjustments.

Make it tangible
What is it you want to become? Your “to-be” list and “to-do” list should mirror each other. Perhaps you want to be more organized. Then your “to-do” list might instruct you to take on an organizational project, like clearing out the garage. Perhaps you want more spirituality. Then your “to-do” list would include time for you to explore that.

Always keep your lists at hand
Both of your lists should always be near so you can refer to them in times when you need more inspiration to stick to your goals. When you set clear paths to your goals, it’s so much easier to become what you dream of being.

Shift your focus
So many times, we zero in our focus on the things we lack. Instead, we need to think of where we intend to go without bashing ourselves. No matter the goal, you must focus on enriching your life and filling it with purpose.

It’s essential to keep on the right path to accomplishing your goals. Set your priorities about who you want to become, and you’ll have an easier time on the journey to getting there. And really, isn’t that where all the fun is? Go for it!

Are you a smoothie drinker?

Smoothies can be the perfect “fast food” to grab in a hurry, and the warm weather makes them oh-so-welcome.  Smoothies can be a great breakfast to start your day — filling them with dark leafy greens such as spinach, a handful of your favorite fruit, and even some protein powder, cacao powder, or MCT oil to add some oomph.

I love them!!!

What’s your favorite smoothie mixture to make?


What’s your purpose?

I know — a lofty question.  We all feel the tug to find a meaning for our lives, and most of all, we’re craving the peace and calm that would come with finding that answer.  This doesn’t have to be one firm answer — it can fluctuate through seasons of your life, even.  For this season of life, what is your purpose?

One thing I’ve noticed is those who feel like they have a purpose in this life strive to improve their life to better achieve this purpose.  When you have something to strive for, it’s easier to set goals and make steps toward achieving them.

What’s yours?