5 of My Favorite Uses for Lemons

What’s summertime without a cold glass of fresh lemonade? Lemons are abundant this time of year and are often used for that picturesque glass of lemonade to conquer a hot summer day. But did you know there are other uses that you can get out of lemons that go far beyond the delightful summer beverage?

Today, I wanted to share with you five other ways that you can use lemons:

1. Deodorizing your garbage disposal
If you have a garbage disposal in your sink, you may notice that over time, it starts to smell. This scent is because any food that sticks to the side of the disposal will begin to mold and emit an odor. Adding some lemon rinds in the garbage disposal and turning it on will allow the great scent of citrus to flow through the air as it cleans out any stuck residue in your disposal.

2. Excellent for soothing a sore throat
You may have heard of this recipe from your grandmother, but tea made with honey, and freshly squeezed lemon juice does miracles for your sore throat. This is especially true if you mix it with some chamomile tea, this can help you feel much better in the long run. Even when you aren’t feeling under the weather, this concoction is great to drink on a regular basis to keep your immune system working in top notch.

3. Cooking
Lemons can add a fabulous taste to a variety of dishes and help them taste incredibly fresh. For instance, adding it to fish or a salad works wonders in giving them a much cleaner taste. You can zest some of the lemon rinds that are left over and add lemon zest to many recipes, too.

4. Insect Repellent
Citrusy scents drive bugs away — since lemons are acidic and have such a strong flavor, bugs cannot handle the smell. Mopping your floor with a lemon juice concoction, or cutting up some lemon and leaving slices on the counter will help to drive off flies and ants.

5. Cleaning
Adding some lemon to a water and soap solution can help make your counters smell nice and fresh. And since you are creating your cleaning solution, you know it’s a greener option and not filled with all of those chemicals we’re trying to avoid. So spray some cleaner with lemon on a counter and clean as usual, and then relish in the pleasant fresh scent.

So those are a few of MY favorite ways to use lemons in my everyday life, aside from enjoying a tall glass of fresh lemonade. Do you have another way you love to use lemons that isn’t listed here? Let me know in the comments below.

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